Atherosclerosis research in Finland

University of Helsinki

Minerva Foundation Institute for Medical Research, Helsinki

The Olkkonen research group, Minerva Institute, Helsinki

The research group investigates new regulatory mechanisms that our cells employ to maintain their lipid balance and how the transport and metabolism of lipid species modify cellular functions dysregulated in common disease. The work aims at the identification and characterization of novel molecular pathways that impact the development of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as well as cancers, the long-term aim being to find new approaches for the prevention and treatment of these diseases.

Wihuri Research Institute, Helsinki

Wihuri Research Institute is a non-profit biomedical research institute. The research program in the Wihuri Research Institute is focused on the vascular system and the mission of the Institute is to achieve new fundamental understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of the vascular system, in order to improve the treatment of various diseases.

The Öörni research group, Wihuri Research Institute, Helsinki

Katariina Öörni’s research group at the Wihuri Research Institute focuses on studying the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries and looks for ways to identify individuals at high risk for development of cardiovascular disease.

University of Tampere

The Aalto-Setälä research group, Tampere

University of Turku

University of Eastern Finland

A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, Kuopio

The Kaikkonen laboratory of Cardiovascular Genomics, A.I.Virtanen Institute, Kuopio

The Kaikkonen laboratory of Cardiovascular Genomics at A.I.Virtanen Institute at University of Eastern Finland investigates how different cell types associated with coronary artery disease contribute to the molecular and genetic basis of disease. Current efforts aim to identify the disease associated transcriptional and epigenetic changes on single cell level and to functionally characterize non-coding GWAS risk variants located at gene regulatory elements.

The Ylä-Herttuala laboratory of Molecular Medicine, A.I.Virtanen Institute, Kuopio

University of Oulu

The Research Unit of Internal Medicine, Oulu

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